Genealogy Pedigree

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  1. John Hopper

    I am the grandson of Sophronia Janette Drown (1885 – 1968), she was the daughter of Fredrick Elbridge Drown (1835-1927).
    I have researched the family previously, and am just getting back to it.
    I have copies of ” The Drown Newsletter” issues 4,5,6,7,9,10,and 11. These date from 4 Sept. 1994 to 11 Sept. 1996.
    I would be interested the obtaining the missing issues, and any subsequent. The issues that I have, were downloaded from**.html
    You have my e-mail, but I can also be reached by cell 858-775-1301.
    I live in San Diego, Ca. a lot information about my Grandmother – if interested.
    John Hopper


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